comperis Cup 2017


Ambition, personal development and tackling challenges do not only play essential roles in daily business, but are also important drivers for a team. The annual comperis cup is an innovative type of team building and is eagerly highlighted at the beginning of each year as a special event in the calendar. This competition requires the team to confront one of the world’s most challenging sports in terms of technique and fitness: table tennis.

For this purpose, comperis has set up an in-office training center that allows contestants to polish their skills. At the end of the day, you can only be the winner if you advance your skills, develop some tricks and do not shy away from foul play.

Whether you play doubles, run-around or singles – in table tennis even the nicest colleague becomes a foe. In the heat of the moment, it is also not uncommon that the tone becomes less polite and more brazen. In the end however, fairness and team spirit prevail and every match is concluded with laughter, a handshake and a mumbling of felicitations, just to return to the world of market research with a clear head and fresh ideas.

The winner of this year’s comperis cup is Sebastian, the master of spins and surprising moves. We would like to congratulate and are really proud to call such a motivated and talented player a member of our team. Next year however, the cards will be reshuffled and everybody will train hard for the event. A clear head makes a more efficient and creative researcher after all!